The tour of your dreams

We have a simple, yet challenging goal: to give you the best of Mid-Norway considering hiking, beautiful nature and cultural heritage. The landscape is packed with historical places and archaeological sites, and we will make sure you have professional guides.

We’ll take you to the secret locations, places not hampered by mass tourism. Numerous National Parks and Nature Reserves make up our raw material for making tours that give our customers unforgettable experiences.

We have the local knowledge and experience to ensure you’ll visit all the places that you want to see, do all the things that you want to do and do it in the time you have available. The natural wonders are stunning. Ice age geology together with archaeology make the great story of Man and Nature. The great questions about life, and some of the answers, are to be found within our many different National Parks.

There are numerous ancient historic sites where you can learn about the transition between the heathen Viking age and the Christian Medieval era. The landscape is packed with both big and small Medieval churches and ancient grave mounds and dwelling sites.

You can join one of our scheduled tours, or we can help you create your own itinerary for your own unique experience. We make tours for groups on order. The region has a lot to offer, and we can make you themed tours about Norwegian heritage, architecture, food and/or nature. Whatever you want to include in your personal itinerary we can arrange it and maybe suggest a few things you hadn’t thought of. Send us a message and we will get back to you with some ideas straight away.