Go Viking

Do you ever wonder how it really was like, living in the viking age? How did the food taste? What underwear were they using? Did it itch? How did they entertain themselves? How did they manage to get food and shelter?

Join us on a Viking hike in the Norwegian mountains and explore nature, survival, cooking and cultural heritage - the viking way. We’ll bring both your body and soul a thousand years back in time. And home again.

«Go Viking» will be a four day hike in Trollheimen, in the heart of Norway. This route is famous for its wild nature and is packed with cultural heritage sites dating back to the ice age. You will get the opportunity to travel Viking style; with authentic gear and clothes. Experience how man has survived in nature and discover the traces of the past. Learn how to prepare food and cook meals over an open fire, sleep under the Scandinavian sky. And join us in sharing songs and tales.

This tour is in cooperation with Hands on History.